Of By For

Of By For is a grassroots movement to build real democracy in America. Their mission is to completely upend the current system of parties, paid-for politicians, and circus elections, and put the people at the center of decision making with a new idea: civic lotteries. Of By For came to us to create a new brand system, particularly focused on a visually distinctive mark that would literally remake American Democracy. The catch is that it had to appeal to both the left and right equally, and be rooted in distinctively American symbology. Our mark, an asterisk, symbolizes individual as well as collective power, and is flexible across mediums—in the streets, in ads, on protest signs, and on the web.

“Working with Volume was an absolute pleasure. They are true pros. They deeply understood our unique challenges and created a great visual approach that brought our story to life. And we had a very productive back and forth dynamic that allowed us to merge both our perspectives to arrive at something that we loved.”

George Zisiadis
Founder, Of By For

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